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Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College

Why is the electoral collect no longer relevant? The main reason is that it ignores the popular vote. What that means is, even though a candidate (Republican or Democrat) wins more votes than the other person they still might not win the presidency. This goes against the ideals of a democracy.

When the system was designed they wanted each state to have a say based on the population of that state. Part of this was a compromise with slave states since slaves couldn't vote but were partially counted towards the state's population. Yes partially, as a slave was not counted as one person but a portion of a person. This obviously is no longer relevant in the modern world.

No other democratic country has a system like this, where voters choose an electoral system that then chooses the president. A democracy is about the people choosing the winner.


Presidential candidates focus most of their attention during the campaign on swing states. They do this, especially in Florida, because of the electoral votes that state has. This gives some states more pull over the candidate.

And finally, we should get rid of it, because it no longer works. It is an outdated system for an outdated time. The founding father designed the constitution so that it could be changed as the times change. That is the point of the amendments system. The electoral system is one of those things that should be changed.