Veep Drinking Game

Voltron: Legendary Defender Drinking Game

Voltron: Legendary Defender

This drinking game is for the new animated series not the original 80's version of the show. Voltron follows five lions and their pilots of Paladins in the fight against the Galra Empire.


  • When someone who had died returns from the dead or shows up as a ghost. 
  • When they form Voltron.
  • When they try to form Voltron and fail take two drinks.
  • When someone gets knocked unconscious.
  •  When Hunk eats something.
  • When they do the 5 way split screen of all the Paladins. 
  • When someone says "Quiznak".
  • When a lion magically saves the day. For example a lion appears to save someone floating in space to pick someone up in its mouth, or provides some new special weapon we hadn't seen before. 
  • When Pidge does some super nerdy explanation of something. 
Kids! Even though this is a cartoon this came is for adults only. If you want to pay, get out the juice and use that instead.