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Down the Rabbit Hole - Yep, I Read It

In General, this type of book isn’t necessarily something I would normally read. But, WTF I figured I might as well read some light bunny fluffy gossip about the Hef so I picked up a copy of Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.

Book Review

Before I get started on my review just a quick complaint about the title. Have you noticed that book titles seem to be getting longer and longer as if the author needs to tell us everything they possibly can about the book in the title? How about just a simple title and decent cover art. Let me read the description to get the description, I don't need it in the title.

Now to the book, it was an enjoyable read. Holly Madison gives us a view of life in the Playboy Mansion we don‘t see as the general public. We assume it was all glamor, sexy swinging parties, and lazing around the pool. Apparently, there was much more backstabbing and old-age mold under it all. I say apparently because this was written by Madison’s point of view, so it is clearly a one-sided story. I also found it hard to feel sympathy for her as she writes about being manipulated during her time in the house. But, we all have a point of view and this is hers, and it is a point of view that might be worth checking out when looking for a light read.