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Signs You Are Getting Older

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
There is one thing that we can all count on in life and that is getting older, as we slowing crawl that narrowing road to death. So, here are the signs that you might be older than you think.

  1. You use a sick day because you are actually sick instead of using a sick day because you have a hangover.
  2. You pay attention to the effort and consistency of a shit. Not the on the ground kind but the one coming out of you. 
  3. When looking in the mirror it's not about how good you look, but how many gray hair attached to a receding hairline there are. 
  4. At some point, you will be standing in a group of co-workers and notice that more than have the people there are younger than you. 
  5. You used to be able to go out at night and party and work the next day but can't anymore. And you are okay with that. 
  6. The foods you used to love and eat regularly results in just pissing off your stomach. 
  7. If given a choice between sex with your significant other and sleep you will often pick sleep over sex. 
  8. You start making up excuses to not go out with friends and stay home watching Downtown Abby or Game of Thrones. 
  9. Instead of thinking about the things you will be doing in the future you spend more time thinking about the things you have done in the past. 
  10. When you are sitting on the sofa watching TV you want a blanket to cover your feet to keep them warm, but because you want to fool around with your significant other under the blanket.