Veep Drinking Game

The Orville Drinking Game

The Orville Drinking Game

The Orville

This science fiction drama/comedy is part parody of Star Trek, and part what we wish modern Star Trek would be.


  • When someone on the show drinks.
  • When a letter of reprimand is put in someones file or record. 
  • When Alara or Talla does heavy lifting, door opening, or other strength item for the captain.
  • When a former actor for Star Trek does a guest appearance. 
  • When someone quotes a book or TV show. 
  • When a classic rock song, not of the era is played (ex. Dolly Parton music).
  • When someone mentions that Ed and Kelly used to be married. 
  • When Yaphit hits on Dr. Finn.
  • When someone says the word "quantum".