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Isn't This Socialism - 16 Million to Farmers

The Republicans way of scaring voters into voting for them is to call Democratic politicians socialist. I and very confident that most people using the term in a negative context don't actually know what a socialist is. And, for this article, I am not going to bother going into a detailed description of what one is. Let us just go with the way it is being used is a term for redistributing wealth or taking money from the rich and giving it to people who don't need it, aka the poor. Things like social security, welfare, unemployment befits, and a $16 billion dollar bailout to farmers.

Irony in the farmland
Photo by CloudVisual on Unsplash

Yes, taking the money and giving it to people in need such as bailing out the farmers impacted by the Trump tariffs (taxes). Which makes the who thing ironic if you think about it. Most of the farmers who are receiving the socialist money by Trump are also the ones who are most likely to vote for him and to use the term socialist when referring to Democrats.

  1. Trump starts a trade war with China, that results in China adding tariffs to US crops.
  2. Farmers are impacted by the tariffs and unable to export there products to China.
  3. This results on those farmers receiving a government bailout by the Trump administration.
  4. Come election time, farmers still vote for Trump because they don't want to see a Socialist Democrat elected as president.
  5. Republican voters still don't see the hypocrisy in the way they vote.