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A Chat With Three Mobile Customer Service and a Bot Would Be Better

As anyone who has ever called customer service knows the person on the other line has very little interest in helping them. This also goes for online chat conversations where the person seems even less interested in helping. Possibly because they receive less training in whatever country they live in. They are told, when someone says X you tell them Y. This is also why those positions in a company will be replaced with an AI at some point in the future as a bot offers little difference in the quality of service.


for example here is a chat I had with 3 Mobile recently when I was trying to make a payment online for my service. I checked the bank and it wasn't an issue on their side.

Me: I am unable to make a payment through the website. I have tried on multiple days and checked with the bank. I keep getting declined. I checked with the bank and they said it is on your end. also, I just did an online payment with another company that processed fine.

Asif: I'm sorry you are having a problem. If you want you can call (number removed) to make a payment over the phone.

Me: I don't want to make a payment over the phone every month. I want to know why it is not working now.

After a long wait.

Asif: If you want to call on Monday to (number removed) you can make a payment then to our customer service department.

Me: I just want to know why it is not working now.

Asif: At the moment we won't be able to take the payment you need to contact us by calling  (number removed) from your Three phone or  (number removed) from any other phone (standard call charge) Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm

Me: This is why your job will be replaced with an AI bot someday. You haven't read anything I've said. Why is it not working now or whenever I try to do it online?

after a bit more back-and-forth I gave up and decided to customer service and go through it all over again. And it is also proof as to why artificial intelligence will one day run the planet. Possibly in my lifetime.