Veep Drinking Game

Modern Family Drinking Game

Moder Family Drinking Game

Modern Family Drinking Game

Is this really what a modern family is like? Not mine, but maybe it is yours. Either way, this long-running show makes for a fun drinking game.


    • When anyone on the show uses a mobile phone 
    • When Phil does a magic trick
    • When Phile makes a reference or does something to show he has a crush on Gloria
    • When Jay drinks
    • When Jay talks about how his father raised him 
    • When Cam is in a clown outfit
    • When Cam mentions the farm
    • When Haley makes fun of Alex's clothing
    • When Claire drinks wine
    • When Alex mentions a doctor, physicists, scientist, author or someone else the others have not
    • heard of
    • When Manny wears a hat or costume 
    • When Mitchell or Cam say, "If we are being honest."

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