Veep Drinking Game

Community Drinking Game



The study group gets together to study and have absurd adventures. A show to be watched over and over again.


  • When Abed and Troy does their special handshake
  • When Abed says "cool"
  • When Abed makes a pop-culture reference
  • When Annie cries
  • Whensomeone mentions Annie's boobs
  • When Jeff takes his shirt off
  • When the Dean touches Jeff
  • When the Dean shows up in a costume
  • When Shirley says, "That's nice!"
  • When Shirley says, "Jesus"
  • When Pierce mentions one of his marriages
  • When Pierce says something offensive
  • When Britta refers to getting high or being high
  • When Chang uses his name as pun
  • When someone tells Leanord to shut up.

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