Veep Drinking Game

Merlin Drinking Game


Merlin Drinking Game

This low budget take on the King Arthur and Merlin story follows a young Merlin as he arrives in court and tries to hide his magical powers as he learns to use them.


    • Drink when Merlin uses magic
    • Drink when someone says "destiny"
    • Drink when someone gets poisoned
    • Drink wen anyone gets knocked unconscious
    • Drink when Merlin visits the dragon
    • Drink when Merlin uses a book to find a spell or potion
    • Drink when Uther is seen without gloves on
    • Drink when Arthur gives a speech to his knights
    • Drink when Gaius concocts a potion or remedy
    • Drink when Morgana has a bad dream
    • Drink when someone is broken out of or escapes from the cells

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