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Reasons NOT to Vote for Donald Trump

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I am not a fan of Donal Trump and will not be voting for him, in the same way, I did not vote for him last time, because unlike some who have changed their vote this year I have always seen him as scumbag he is.

Trump mocking a handicapped reporter

  • Lies on average 2.5 times per day to the point that there is a Wikipedia page set up to track the lies.
  • Racist with statements like "There are good people on both sides," when talking about a white supremacist rally.
  • His administration takes children from parents and puts the children in cages
  • Worst coronavirus response out of any first world country, currently at 230,000 deaths and still rising.
  • US deficit highest it has ever been thanks to his failed trade war with China, reducing taxes, and increasing government spending.
  • Hasn't paid his fair share of taxes going many years of not paying taxes at all and only paying $750 in taxes his first year as president. 
  • Supreme court nominees with the intent of dismantling the Affordable Care Act which will kick thousands of people off healthcare they have now. 
  • He has no problem with Russians putting bounties on American soldiers, and refers to soldiers who have died, been injured, or captured as suckers and losers.
  • Insults and belittles anyone who he doesn't like. 
  • Has stated multiple times that he will not accept elections results if he loses.
  • He is trying to dismantle the postal service in an attempt to rig the election.
  • Most everyone one of his cronies has been charged with a crime, many currently serving prison sentences. Except for the ones he has pardoned.
  • Brags about sexually assaulting women. 
  • His children are just as corrupt as he is. 
  • Said Mexico would pay for his border wall, Mexico has not paid a single cent. the American taxpayer has. 
  • Has spent more time at the golf course than any other president in history, costing tax payers over $142,000,000
  • Violates the Hatch Act.

And truthfully there are probably more that I have forgotten, as that is how awful of a person he is.