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Stop the Celebrations Democrats and Get Your Crap Together

I would really like to see the Democratic party spend a little less time patting themselves on the back for winning the presidency this election and more time focusing on why they didn’t with the Senate. Everyone was predicting a “blue wave” under the assumption that Donald Trump’s unpopularity would help them win down the ballet. As we saw Mitchell McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins all kept their seats. All three very unpopular nationally, all three helped force through Amy Coney Barrett’s seat on the Supreme Court while doing nothing to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic by passing another economic stimulus and relief bill.


2020 Election Map

 Democrats didn’t win an election, what they did was put up a presidential candidate who is not as bad as Donald Trump. That is not hard to do. Democrats stop thinking you turned Georgia blue. You didn’t turn Georgia blue, what you did was win in a state that could very easily be red next time around

What To Do Democrats

  1. Nancy Pelosi needs to step down as Speaker of The House. She did a good job in her time there, but the party needs new blood in that seat. The House did not gain any seats this election cycle, when it should have. The Democrats need to stop playing politics in the way they used to. They need to get younger people into leadership positions. Younger people that know how to use modern technologies to get the message out.
  2. Stop playing defence. One of the reasons the Republicans do so well is they are always on the attack. If they fuck up, they don’t apologise for it. They regroup and continue the attack.
  3. Stop the infighting. There is a progressive left-wing of the party and centrist portion of the party. Learn to work together. And don’t pick up Republican talking points and use them against your own party members. Recently Senator Joe Manchin attacked members of the Democratic party by calling them socialists. That is conservative talking points, not liberal.
  4. Identify a unified message and stick with it. One thing the Republicans do so well is they decide what the talking points are, and everyone down the line repeats them. They repeat them in every interview, every social media post, everywhere. No one wants to “defund the police” what they want is to “reform the police” yet the Republicans keep repeating this and the people believe it. In the past they used “death panels” when fighting the ACA, and they still use “socialist” as an insult to liberals. Even though they couldn’t define the term socialist. They just repeat it because we have been taught it is bad.

Democrats, stop the celebrations because you won a battle. You are still are losing the war. Get your shit together because you most likely will not win the runoff election in Georgia. It is not a blue state. And it is only two years until the next round of congressional elections.