Veep Drinking Game

Saved by the Bell Drinking Game

Saved by The Bell

Saved by the Bell Drinking Game 

This Saturday morning sitcom follows six kids at Bayside High School. The show is terrible in so many ways, that the only way to watch it is with a drink in your hand. 


  • When Zack breaks the fourth wall and talks to the camera or freezes time 
  • When Kevin the robot makes an appearance 
  • When anyone says Lisa's full name Lisa Turtle 
  • When Mr. Belding does something that would be considered "pedo" like to a modern audience 
  • When Zack used a cell phone 
  • When Max does magic 
  • When any character has a fantasy sequence 
  • When Slater calls Zach "Preppy" 
  • When Screech is in a costume 
  • When Lisa calls Screech a "dork" 
  • When someone sings or dances 
  • When Slater calls Jessie "mamma" 
  • When Jessie calls Slater "pig" 

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