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Scrubs drinking game

 Scrubs Drinking Game

Scrubs ran for 8 seasons, possibly 9 depending on if you count Scrubs 2.0. Either way one of the great things about this long-running series that perfectly combined comedy with a bit of drama is that it had a lot of reoccurring jokes.


  • When there is a fantasy or dream sequence
  • When a patient dies
  • When someone mentions Hugh Jackman
  • When JD has an Appletini
  • When JD calls Turk Chocolate or Brown Bear
  • When JD and Turk do “The Eagle”
  • When Turk calls Carla “baby”
  • When Turk dances
  • When Dr. Cox calls JD a girl’s name or newbee
  • When Dr. Cox does one of his long rants
  • When Dr. Cox whistles
  • When Dr. Cox takes his shirt off
  • When Dr. Cox mentions Hugh Jackman
  • When Elliot makes an unintentional sexual reference
  • When Elliot kisses someone
  • When Elliot says “frick”
  • When Elliot blows her bangs
  • When Elliot refers to genitals with a made-up word such as "bajingo"
  • When Carla calls JD Bambi
  • When Carla speaks in Spanish
  • When The Todd gives a high-five
  • When The Todd makes a reference to his penis
  • When Dr. Kelso calls someone “sport” or “sweetheart”
  • When Dr. Kelso mentions his wife
  • When Dr. Kelso talks about his son
  • When the Janitor tells a lie
  • When the Janitor pretends to be someone else
  • When the Janitor is actually cleaning something
  • When the Janitor calls Elliot "blond doctor"
  • When Ted’s acapella group sings

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