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Superstore Drinking Game



 Superstore Drinking Game

Join the Cloud 9 crew for this drinking game.


  • When Glenn mentions god or his church 
  • When Garett makes an announcement over the speaker system
  • When Jonah mentions studying business in school
  • When Jonah mansplains something
  • When Cheyenne mentions her baby
  • When Dina talks about her birds
  • When Dina tells Sandra to shut up
  • When Mateo sucks up to someone to look better to management
  • When anyone tells Sandra to shut up
  • When anyone swears (bleeped out)
  • When anyone mentions raccoons
  • When they cut to the random customer doing something weird shot 
  • When a product falls off the shelf
  • When someone says "corporate" - Two drinks when someone calls corporate
  • When someone says “Cloud 9”

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