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Sleep Joe's Successes

 They called him sleepy Joe before the election as if he would be an ineffective president. A name he was called by a president who spent his time golfing, and a congress that did nothing in four years except give tax cuts to the rich and spend more on the military-industrial complex. A name that was repeated by the mindless masses. What has Sleepy Joe and the Democratic party that is in control of congress done over the past year, contrary to the right-wing predictions? Let’s have a look:


Image Source: Gage Skidmore - Wikimedia

Not Golfing

Biden has spent no time at the golf course saving the government millions on secret service and travel costs associated with going to a golf course in Florida. As a comparison, Donald Trump cost the American taxpayers approximately 144 million dollars for his golf trips.
 - Data Source

Ended Americas Longest War

Both Obama and Trump were elected, saying they were going to get the US out of Afghanistan. Neither did it. Thankfully Biden did what they did not do, and pulled American troops out of Afghanistan, ending the longest and most costly war the United States has ever been involved in.

Improved Vaccine Rollout

The previously incompetent administration spread more time misinforming the public on vaccinations than it did trying to get people vaccinated. However, Biden’s administration improved the rollout, made people aware of the safety, and put effort into getting people vaccinated so the country could re-open.

The American Rescue Plan

To help speed up recovering from the pandemic, the Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to stimulate the economy. Items included in the act:
  • Up to $10,200 in unemployment benefits for 2020 are not taxable for households with incomes below $150,000. Because when Democrats give tax benefits they do it for the poor and people who need it, not the rich ones who don't.
  • Expands the child tax credit[79] from $2000 per child, by allowing qualifying families to offset, for the 2021 tax year, $3,000 per child up to age 17 and $3,600 per child under age 6.
  • Limits publicly-traded companies' ability to deduct executive compensation (for employees more than $1 million) from their corporate taxes (will generate $6 billion in tax revenue).
  • Repeals an obscure provision in the tax code that gave multinational corporations additional discretion in accounting for interest expenses (will generate $22 billion in tax revenue).
  • Funding for education.
  • Funding for COVID-19 vaccines and testing.
  • Money for transportation improvement. Infrastructure items that the previous administration said it was going to do, but never did.
  • Improvements to healthcare including Medicaid
  • Money for cybersecurity. which is really where the government should be spending money instead of the bloated military.
  • Agriculture funding. Something all the red state farmers should be happy about, although they won't acknowledge it and still vote Republican in the next election.
  • And more…
- Data Source

Paris Climate Agreement

Rejoined the Paris Climate pact that Trump pulled the country out of. Because Joe cares about the environment.

Second Stimulus Checks

The Republicans attempted to block this bill, but the Democrats in control of the government managed to get it passed. Thanks to Sleepy Joe and the Democrats, people received a check for 1,200 dollars plus $500 per child. Those unemployed due to the pandemic received an extra check as well, and the benefits lasted longer. Every one of the millions of Americans who received a check can thank Biden and the Democrats. The Republicans were against this and voted against it in congress.

Gas Drilling in Alaska

The Biden administration has suspended Trump-approved oil and gas exploration leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Right to Repair Rule

Here is one that probably got lost under the radar, but the Biden administration signed an executive order aimed at stopping manufacturers from limiting consumers’ ability to repair products at independent shops or on their own. You know how you can get that tractor fixed anywhere except by the manufacturer that charges an exorbitant rate. This will help fix that.
- Source

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 2021

  •     17 billion to ports, making sure things like the current backup in the ports don't happen again.
  •     Money towards road construction and bridges repair
  •     Improvements to freight rail
  •     Airports
  •     Broadband
  •     Creates jobs. You know those things that rednecks are always complaining about. "It's about the jobs" well, here are some jobs so thank the Democrats who made it happen and the few Republicans who crossed party lines to vote for it as well.  

- Data Source

Streamlined Federal Processed to Reduce Waste

Singed an executive order to reduce the amount of paperwork associated with most of its processing. We can see the impact of this with the time it now takes to renew a passport being reduced.


Signed the Paycheck Protection Act

Stayed in The WHO

Trump tried to pull the US out of the World Health Organization. Biden put a stop to that and thankfully we are still a member country.

Joe Biden has actually done even more than this. I simply didn't want to spend a lot of time writing this post. The point is he did more in his first year than the previous administration did during its four-year administration. Well, except for taking golf vacations. So, for those that called him Sleepy Joe as an insult, I'd rather have Sleepy Joe over Hate Mongering Trump any day.