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Redbubble - Inappropriate Content Warning - You Complete Me - Trump and Vlad

I’ve had this image on The Cranky Monkey Red Bubble page for a few years, with no orders ever being placed for it. I just received notice from Red Bubble that they are taking the image down because it is “inappropriate.”

I don’t care as no one has ever bought the image, but I do think it is funny now after Russia has invaded Ukraine, they deem it inappropriate. And, come on, what is inappropriate about this image?

It could just be a coincidence that the image was flagged two weeks into the war, so I’ve decided to test it and do the same image except with Kim Jong-Un instead. Let us see how long it takes to get taken down.


You Complete me image with Putin and Trump

 The Full Text of The Take Down Email 

Thanks for being a part of Redbubble. We are writing to you regarding the following works which we have today unpublished as they fall outside our guidelines on appropriate content.

  You Complete Me - Trump and Vlad:

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines and our User Agreement (see below) to ensure that you do not upload any work that may be considered inappropriate according to these guidelines.

We also ask that you review your current portfolio and remove any works that may fall outside our content guidelines. In addition, we must remind you that subsequent reports regarding inappropriate content can result in an account suspension or closure.

Redbubble Policies

- Community Guidelines

- User Agreement

Redbubble Objections Team


Notice: They don't tell me what of the list of community guidelines the image violated.   

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Take-down

It turns out, that they were pretty quick at taking down the second image of Don and Kim. One day later I received a notice they were removing the image. Again, not super clear what policy it violates, but again, not important enough for me to find out. 

Kim Jong-Un and Donald

The one thing that does annoy me is that I put time into creating the images for no reason other than to turn them into a blog post.