Veep Drinking Game

Friends Drinking Game

Friends TV Show


I find it hard to believe that anyone with a TV has never seen this show as it has been aired constantly on some station or another since it originally aired. So, of course, we are going to make a drinking game out of it.


  • When a guest, celebrity appears for the first time.
  • When anyone dances.
  • When someone sees ‘ugly naked guy’.
  • When someone says, “I know”
  • When someone takes a drink of coffee at Central Perk.
  • When the guys have a gay phobic moment.
  • When Janice says, “Oh my god.”
  • When Gunther creeps on Rachel.
  • When Phoebe sings a song (two drinks if the song is Smelly Cat)
  • When Phoebe talks about living on the streets, or her dead mother.
  • When Joey eats a sandwich.
  • When Joey says, “How you doin’?”
  • When Joey has sex with someone or talks about someone he had sex with.
  • When Ross talks about “being on a break.”
  • When Ross corrects someone’s grammar.
  • When Ross talks about being divorced.
  • When Chandler smokes a cigarette.
  • When chandler talks about his parents’ divorce.
  • When Monica’s mom says something passive aggressive toward her.
  • When there is a flashback to ‘fat Monica.’
  • When Monica cleans something.
  • When Rachel shops or arrives with shopping bags.
  • When Rachel mentions Barry.

To be honest, I could have come up with a few more for this list, but I don’t want you to get alcohol poising after watching an episode. 

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