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Vote for MJ

Just on the off chance that someone from Nevada actually reads this blog, you need to go out and vote yes. Personally I don’t smoke it (anymore) but I am fully in support of its legalization. My hope is that as one state legalizes it, more will follow as they see the negatives are nothing like the conservative right would lead us to believe. Also think about the benefits, “Proponents of the measure also argue that the legal system wastes time and money on low-level marijuana offenses, and that taxing and regulating pot would put drug dealers out of business while freeing law enforcement to focus on violent crime and more dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine.” Actually it would free them up to write more speeding tickets and waste time but that's a different blog post.

Something Nice to Talk About

That’s right, I know this is the Cranky Monkey talking but I actually have something positive to say and here it is…. Hooker Boots! Not the actual hookers, you know what I’m talking about, the boots that are so popular with women these days. The kind of boots that go up nice and high on the calves just below the knees with a heel and are totally sexy. I have no idea what they are really called, I know some people call them "fuck me boots" which I guess sounds better than "hooker boots". Either way, it is not the name of the boot that makes them hot.

I’ve seen quite a few women wearing them lately and I have to say good job ladies! Finally women’s fashion I can appreciate. Hot boots and a skirt should always be in style. So women who read this blog, keep it up and if you ever want to pose for some pictures you just let me know. Unless you are fat, in that case, even sexy hooker boots won’t make you hot but Jenny Craig might. Jenny Craig and visits to the gym instead …

Irritating Roommate

I have a roommate who irritates me on a pretty regular bases. One of the ways she does this is by asking me “what’s wrong” or “you seem angry about something” when in reality nothing is wrong and I’m not angry. Well except for getting angry at having a roommate constantly asking me what’s wrong. Listen bitch, if I’m mad about something or something is wrong and I feel you need to know about it, I will fucking tell you. If I’m sitting on the sofa, watching tv, and eating a mini pizza, odds are nothing going on that you need to know about, so stop fucking asking. And yes reader, I have told her that, multiple times. I’m hoping if she reads it she might actually listen.

Lunch Room Talk

Was eating lunch and noticed something interesting as a comparison between Cingular and Microsoft. At Cingular didn’t really have a lunch room for all the buildings but some did. Of those that did, when going to lunch with co-workers rarely was the conversation work related. It usually consisted of casual conversation. Occasionally a work conversation would come up but it was rare. At Microsoft I will eat in the cafeteria regularly and have noticed that the majority of conversation revolved around work. Today for example, I sat at a table with 3 other tables in hearing distance. The table to my right was a manager and employee going over an employee review. The table to my left was some discussion on something that I’ve already forgotten. And same goes for the table in front of me. I’m not necessarily saying this is bad that MS employees. They love their jobs sooo much that they can’t take a break even during lunch. But, I do feel that it’s good for the mind to step away from the jo…

Dan Savage, The Mayor, Drugs and Clubs

This is an interesting article by local Stranger columnist Dan Savage. Here in Seattle we always bill ourselves as a liberal city, yet whenever possible our politicians try to crack down on clubs, bars, and strip joints. This is a funny article where Dan calls them out on some new ordnance that people might enjoy.

Can’t run a business? Do what she did

Seattle PI has an article about women who decided to open a coffee shop up across the street from a Starbucks. Then when she had to go out of business because everyone continued to go to the Starbucks instead of her she decided to sue them. Only in America can you sue another company because you are worse at business then they are. For those people who hate Starbucks because they are such a large corporation and all that crap, how about you stop going purchasing your daily half decaf, 2%, no foam, sugar fee vanilla, latte from them. Then just maybe, there won’t be a Starbucks on every corner anymore.

A Fun Night at LAX

Going through LAX back to Seattle has got to be one of the biggest pain in the asses ever. First of all, we had to get off the plane and go pick up our luggage from the carousel. This is where I found out that the luggage handlers broke one of my tequila bottles. Even worse, it was the good bottle that I was looking forward to taking home. I opened the bag and everything was just soaked with booze and broken glass.
I noticed, as we walked to the next location with our bags, I wasn’t the only one with broken booze, a bag in front of me that someone was carrying and leaking everywhere. We then moved to the customs line and began the very long wait to make it through customs. It was interesting watching the faces of the customs workers, you could tell they woke up for work everyday just thinking how much they loved there jobs, not a smile from a single one. Anyway, we went through customs and handed our luggage back to the airline people to put back on the plane. We then had to leave the…


Been on vacation if anyone is wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. I’m back now and catching up at work, so check in the next few days for some postings about the joys of air travel.