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Vote for MJ

Just on the off chance that someone from Nevada actually reads this blog, you need to go out and vote yes. Personally I don’t smoke it (anymore) but I am fully in support of its legalization. My hope is that as one state legalizes it, more will follow as they see the negatives are nothing like the conservative right would lead us to believe. Also think about the benefits, “Proponents of the measure also argue that the legal system wastes time and money on low-level marijuana offenses, and that taxing and regulating pot would put drug dealers out of business while freeing law enforcement to focus on violent crime and more dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine.” Actually it would free them up to write more speeding tickets and waste time but that's a different blog post.


Anonymous said…
It's the dumbest waste of taxpayer money, really. Just legalize it, tax it, and pay for education or something. People are going to smoke it anyway and it's a war that "we" are going to lose... !