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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Hate Paris

… And I’m not talking about the city. Since I’ve been on vacation, I haven’t been checking the news as often. I would have thought this could assist with avoiding some of the celebrity news. So, even though I’m not aware of what’s going on in my own city, I still have managed to stay in touch with what’s going on, in Paris Hilton’s life. Why is this? Because it’s everywhere! Adam Carolla in the morning! The Daily Show! Channels that I surf past on my way to something else! News briefs! People! Magazines! And the list goes on. Damn it people, Michael Moor was bumped from Larry King in exchange for Paris Hilton. Yes Michael is totally irritating, but in a totally different way, in a way I can actually stand.

What has this woman done? She was born rich, born stupid, stared in a shitty reality show, and an even shittier nudie video. Yet for some reason, the public can’t get enough of her. And yes I’m say “you” the public! I’m not blaming the news or the paparazzi, it’s the people who go out and buy the magazines or watch the shows, boosting their ratings when Paris news is on.

People! The woman is a snatch, we all know it, now get over it and stop encouraging these news sources to talk about it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Police Academy Dropouts #19

I haven’t posted on the running joke, our police force in a while. Here is an article I found on MSN about one of the cream of the crop. Kenneth Freeman a former reserve sheriff’s deputy from my home state of Washington, apparently raped his own daughter. Then, not only did he enforce his own personal law on her, he videotaped it so other fuckwads like him could download it.

Looks just like any other cop on the road, doesn’t he?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well Worth The Cost of Admission

For those of you who appreciate my men’s room postings, here’s a nice picture for you. This was taken at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Lucky me - I had my camera in hand to capture this modern art exhibit on display. Luckily I only had to pee; there was another guy in the restroom that apparently had to go number 2. He walked down the row of open stalls looking for one that he could use. So, I can only imagine the others were just as bad or worse. If you’ll notice around the rim, it looks like the culprit was nice enough to try to wipe some of it up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Remembering The Men’s Room

I was going through my e-mail this morning and I found this old posting I intended to do but never did. When I was at Microsoft, sometimes instead of posting while at work, I would e-mail it to myself to post later that evening. I must have forgotten about this one.

Today (11/29/06) I walked in the men’s room, and there are two guys using urinals, one of them is talking on his cell phone with one hand, and taking care of business with the other. I go to do my thing as the other guy flushes, washes his hands and leaves. As I’m finishing up, the cell phone guy gets done and leaves, with no hand washing. Which makes sense I guess, he probably didn’t want to get his phone wet. In this time though, another guy comes in wearing a suite and carrying a Coke can. He goes to the bathroom and flushes by the time I’m done washing. I was so distracted that it took me a little extra time. He then follows me right out the door, also not washing his hands and drinking his coke.

I always use the towel, I dry my hands off with to open the door, so I’m not touching the handle. I must been having a mellow day, because I didn’t turn around and comment on the fact that people like him are why I use a towel to open the door.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Let me tell you a little story about FedEx customer service and a delivery I received a few months back.
Tuesday, the first delivery day, the driver attempted to deliver it at 11:30am. Like most Americans I have (had) a job. I called Tuesday afternoon to see what alternatives they could offer. The person I spoke with said she could put in a “request” to have it delivered in the afternoon the next day. I figured I could leave a little early to catch the delivery.
The next day, at work before leaving, I checked the FedEx website. Of course the driver attempted to deliver it at 11:30 again. So I called, and spoke with another person. I explained my situation and he said I could go pick it up.
“Great”, I said, “Where’s that at?” He told me it was in Bellingham WA . For those of you who don’t know, I live in South Everett and work in Redmond . Which means, driving from home would be an hour, and driving from work, would be two hours. That’s right; this guy wanted me to drive over an hour to pick up a package that I paid to have delivered. I explained that driving that far was not an option. “Why don’t you send it to one of the other FedEx offices?” I asked. I knew they had a location in Bothell, because I had picked up packages at that location before, and it was on my drive home, about 15 minutes from my house. Plus they had a shipping center in Seattle , 30 minutes away from my house.
“No” He told me, they can’t send it to another location.
I asked, “What other options could he provide? He told me I could call the shipper and have them redirect it to my work. First of all, that would involve calling Hewlett Packard, which as anyone who’s ever called customer service in a large company should know, getting them to change the deliver would be a frustrating experience. I explained that to him.
This customer service agent, (I use the term customer service loosely) continued to argue with me. His options were taking a day off of work and waiting at home, or calling HP were my only two choices. After arguing with him for a little over 10 minutes, he finally said, “I can have it delivered on Saturday.”
“We’ve been arguing for 10 minutes with you telling me I had no other options and NOW you are saying I can do that!”
His response, “It hasn’t been 10 minutes.”
Yes as a matter of fact it had, I made the call from my desk phone with a timer on it. Minus the time I spent in the automated system it had been over 10 minutes. And the fact that he would argue with me about it just goes to show the level of quality service this guy provided.
At this point I escalated on the guy and spoke with someone from the customer advocates group, or whatever they call it in that company. I explained why I was upset, at the guy not offering the Saturday delivery earlier, and about his attitude. I’ve work on the phones customer service with large companies, so I have no faith that anything will come from my complaint. In the end I did get my delivery, four days later and no thanks to FedEx customer service.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Tax Those Geeks

One of the advantages to shopping over the internet, in many cases is not paying taxes from out of state companies. Well now it looks like besides shipping and handling, we will have to start paying tax on internet sales. We have to love our government’s ability to weasel as much as they can out of us, because as we all know, they will spend the money on useful and well deserved projects.

- Full Article -

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who’s Watching the House?!?!

Here is a little story for you. Imagine you were going on vacation and instead of taking your child with you, you decided to leave the kid at home. You ask someone you know and trust will take care of the child to watch him/her. Before leaving you make a statement that you will be calling to check up on them, and besides, you are a parent of course you are going to check in. you fly out and spend a day enjoying your trip. That evening you call but no answer, so you leave a quick message just saying you are calling to check in. No big deal, you will call the next day and no answer. As time goes on you are starting to get a little worried because, you know the person watching your kid does tend to go out and party, and tends to drive when she shouldn’t be driving. So of course you start to worry that your child is sitting in your house all alone. You call again and this time leave another message, basically saying, “if I don’t hear from you I’m assuming something is happened and will start calling other people.” - Still nothing. You text one of her friends, basically saying that you have heard from her. Her friend responds, I talked to her and she will be calling. And she does, everything is fine. Upon returning from your trip you find your house has been trashed, but your child is fine.

Now just to clarify for the purpose of this story, it really wasn’t my child I left behind, it was my dog. But for anyone who knows me, she’s like my child.

Anyway, after returning home and finding my dog safe and sound, cleaning my house because in one week she made it look like it hadn’t been cleaned in 6 months, I don’t hear anything from my puppy sitter. I assumed she would want the souvenir I brought for her in appreciation for watching the dog. It turns out, the reason why she hasn’t contacted me is, because she’s mad that I got mad about her not returning my check in calls, like I don’t trust her. As mentioned above, I totally trust she will watch my dog, and pay attention to the dog, I don’t however trust her judgment when it comes to going out clubbing all night and driving home.

In reflection I also know this person is a little nutso. And knowing this persons desire to constantly start arguments (ex girlfriend BTW) I can deduce her not returning my call was a way to start an argument. She knew full well that I would get irritated and assume the worst; after all I am the cranky monkey for a reason.

The moral of the story – Next time just have a normal friend watch the dog. Her loss, she doesn’t get my house to herself (she has roommates), doesn’t get to spend time with my dog (cute and fun), and doesn’t get to use the hot tub or pool.

Monday, June 04, 2007

CEO’s Out of the Loop

I read this article on redtape.msnbc about how ceo’s think their companies provide good service, something those of us living in the real world know not to be true.

Of course the CEO’s think they have good customer service. They have their admin take care of everything for them. Most I’ve met can barely use e-mail, as compared to understanding a phone system IVR.

Oh, and being on the receiving end of those calls, when the admin calls. It usually consists of, “So and so, the CEO of whatever company needs this fixed right away.” Then everyone jumps to make it happen, as compared to when Joe Consumer calls.