Veep Drinking Game

Well Worth The Cost of Admission

For those of you who appreciate my men’s room postings, here’s a nice picture for you. This was taken at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Lucky me - I had my camera in hand to capture this modern art exhibit on display. Luckily I only had to pee; there was another guy in the restroom that apparently had to go number 2. He walked down the row of open stalls looking for one that he could use. So, I can only imagine the others were just as bad or worse. If you’ll notice around the rim, it looks like the culprit was nice enough to try to wipe some of it up.


Rooster said…
Dude, that is just nasty. You gonna add that to
MGD said…
hahaha, no. not one of those pictures I plan to use, to promote my photography