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Friday, February 27, 2009


Sent from a cranky reader...It's stories like this, that I'm surprised more people haven't gone postal at the DMV. I think one of the requirements for being hired is you have to be partially retarted.

So, people always complain about the DMV and I have always listen but have never really had a problem, until this week.

Last weekend I took a motorcycle safety class. The class was given by Theiseen in Everett (highly recommend this class) When you pass the class you get a certificate of completion which you take to the DMV and they will give you a motorcycle license. By taking this class you do not have to take the test at the DMV. On Tuesday I drag a friend down there with me to get my license. We wait for about 45 min. which really is not bad considering. They call my number and I walk up and show the lady my certificate of completion for my class. I ask how much it is for a license and she asks me for my certificate for the class. I push it closer to her since I had already showed her and it was laying on the counter right fucking in front of her. Again, she asks me for my certificate. I look at my friend and starting laughing a little. I point to the certificate and tell the lady it's right here. She rolls her eyes at me like I am the stupid one and say's I can take the test her at the DMV or bring in the right paperwork proving I took a safety class. I tell her I am a little confused on what kind of paperwork she is looking for. The certificate I am showing say's Completion of Motorcycle Safety Class given my Theissen Dated Feb. 22 2009. What else do I need. She then won't even talk to me anymore. She waves me on and tells me not to come back until I am prepared with my paperwork. My friend grabs me by the arm and drags me out because she could see I was just about ready to loose it. What a Bitch! I am going back next Tues. with the same certificate but going to wait for a different person. I do hope she it there because I am going to go off when I get my license with the same paperwork I had with her. So see you next week Bitch!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Washington Representatives pt.2

I've recently posted a few times on the possible elimination of the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board, with Chris Gregiore's latest budget. Monday I posted that Mary Helen Roberts sent an e-mail and how I appreciated that she took the time to respond, or have someone respond on her behalf.

Yesterday, Marko Liias decided to be a one-upper and call me back. I don't think he appriciated my blog posting. I know it's against the purpose of this blog, but I'm going to say something nice. Besides the fact that he took the time to call, he seemed to pay attention to what I had to say on the subject. He also made some good points against my argument for saving the board. First he pointed out that even though the board in question is volunteers, there is a cost involved to taxpayers. These boards have to meet and the government usually flips the bill for travel expenses, and other possible costs. He also pointed out that if the board is eliminated, it is possible that the information provided by, and benefit of, the board could be obtained through other means.

In regards to the motorcycle safety program itself, I pointed out the many of the benefits of that program, and I got the impression that he agreed. He also mentioned that he would look into the bills themselves that I mentioned.

He didn't flat out say, yes I'm going to support, or vote against, the elimination of the board or safety program, but I did get the impression that he was willing to take feedback before making his decision. Overall, I found it to be a good conversation. Usually when I rant and rave on a subject, the only people who listen are friends. It's nice to know that occasionally the political issues I rant about, do get picked up by the people involved.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Washington Representatives pt.1

About a week and a half ago, I posted on the governors desire to eliminate the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board. At the same time I e-mailed my state representatives Marko Liias, Mary Helen Robert, and Paul Shin.

Two of the three took the time to have an assistant or admin send out a response. And the winner is - Mary Helen Robert and Marko Liias.

When these three are up for re-election I know who is getting my vote and who isn't. Even a generic noncommittal response is better than no response at all.

Mary Helen Roberts sent the below e-mail. and Marko Liias actually had an assistant ask for my phone number so that he could call me. I haven't received the call yet, but will post about it when I do.

Dear (insert real name here)

Thank you for your email.

Based on the correspondence I'm receiving, the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board has had a positive impact on many people. Any board or commission that protects the health or safety of Washingtonians will probably not be cut.

This session, legislators are faced with the difficult task of slashing many important programs and this is why all state boards are under review. We are taking a close look at what each board or commission does and the costs related to its work. It is helpful that the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board receives support from riders through their endorsement fees that goes towards funding this board. Ultimately, some boards will be eliminated altogether and some will be reduced in size in order to achieve savings. You've presented some good arguments why this board should be kept.

I will do my best at prioritizing cuts based on importance and the will of my constituents. I appreciate that you've taken the time to contact me and let me know how you feel.


Mary Helen Roberts

21st District Representative

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Also Hate Facebook

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally gave up and decided to set up a Facebook profile. I've had a MySpace for a while and hardly ever log into it, unless someone e-mails me. Which is irritating because most people who send me a message through MySpace, actually have my e-mail address. And those who don't usually are people, who find me after years of no talking.

Anyway, I finally set up a Facebook profile, not because I really wanted one, but because I do have a business, and Facebook is another avenue for marketing. And I've found that I pretty much hate it as much as I hate MySpace. Once again, instead of e-mailing me, people send a message to my "wall." Then I have to respond "wall to wall" so that everyone can read our conversation. Not to mention, each time they send me a message, I get an e-mail notification, that I then select and go to my Facebook profile. WTF people, you have my e-mail address, just freaken e-mail me if you want to talk! Or use that thing in your pocket called a phone.

Today has a funny article titled "25 random things about Facebook" that pretty well sums up my opinion of it after two weeks

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gregoire to Eliminate Washington State Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board

Governor Christine Gregoire is at it again. She has recently released a policy proposal that involves the elimination of over 150 boards and commissions. I have read through it, and actually do agree with a few of them. Others not so much. one of the items I disagree with is, the elimination of the Washington State Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board. "This is the citizen oversight board, requested by the motorcyclists of Washington and funded through their endorsement fees. This is the same advisory board that has mentored the program from its earliest days, resulting in one of the best motorcycle safety programs in the nation and one of the best relationships between the riders of a state and the agency administering the program," according to the Washington Road Riders Association.

As a responsible motorcycle rider myself and someone who has taken the motorcycle safety training program, I immediately e-mailed my representatives (Marko Liias, Mary Helen Robert, and Paul Shin) requesting that they not support the removal of this board and program.

Here is the list of effected bills.
HB 2087: Eliminates the board in its entirety (see section 34)
HB 1497: Kills the entire motorcycle safety training program (see section 901 (12))
SB 5588: Suspends the entire program until July 1, 2011 (see section 109

Even if you aren't a rider, contact your representative requesting that they keep these programs. Statistics have shown that the majority of motorcycle accidents are due to the fault of the motorcyclist. And with a large number of those resulting in serious injury to the motorcyclists, by eliminating these programs I foresee the death rate and serious injury rate only going up.

To look at these programs in financial terms, by eliminating these programs and dealing with the accidents, the cost to the state would probably be larger than the immediate savings in eliminating the programs. Think about the cost of police, ambulance, and roadside services when the accident happens. Think about the cost to the disability programs, insurance system, and even potential unemployment.

Not only would eliminating these programs be irresponsible to the tax payers, it would be irresponsible to the health and welfare of motorcyclists and car drivers.

To contact your legislator go to http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx it only takes a few minutes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Salamander Where Did You Go

Here is one of the cutest fish to be listed on the endangered species list, the Mexican Axolotl a type of salamander. As can be expected, one of the primary reasons for the decline has to do with habitat destruction and pollution, all thanks to us humans, overrunning the planet like locusts.

Think about this little next time you decide to breed, buy something, throw something away, or start your car.

Photo copied from treehugger.com

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hobbit Homes

I've come to the conclusion that when I win the lottery and buy myself a hundred acres in in the woods of Washington, I'm totally going to build a house like this guys. The guy in Wales, built himself a Hobbit home. It's about as environmentally friendly as a home can get. And it would be a fantastic getaway from the million dollar Seattle condo I would also own if I won the lottery.

Here is a link to his website if you want to read more on what he has done…


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Open Wide

Better watch yourself my criminally inclined friends. The man is out to get you.

A proposed bill in the Washington State Legislator will allow police to collect DNA samples of anyone who is arrested, regardless of whether or not they are actually charged with a crime. That's right, house bill HB-1382, would allow police to swab the mouth of anyone arrested for anything. Shoplifting, jay walking, etc. The DNA would then be sent to the State Patrol and the FBI databases for review, even though those organization already have a backlog of work.

According to the Seattle Times, "A rough estimate shows the program could cost $1 million over two years." Even though out of those who are arrested, few are actually charged with a crime, and out of those charged, few are actually convicted. Lawmakers want tax payers to cover the $500,000.00 cost per year. Of course they are saying that anyone who is convicted of a crime will be required to reimburse the state for the cost, even though officials say most who are required to pay something after a conviction don't. Hmmm, really! You send someone to jail and they don't have money to pay court costs?!?! Big surprise.

An opposing Senate bill SB-5026 would allow for more limitations on when DNA could be taken. Instead of allowing for it in all arrests, it would limit it to situations when charges are filed. Personally, this one is more along the lines of a bill I could get behind, depending on what you are charged with. Shoplifting to me seems like a waste of time and money. But charged with breaking and entering, or a violent crime, you should be forced to give a DNA sample. Then that sample should be kept on file, incase you ever decide to do something like that again.

With the courts pretty much moving to the point that, if there is no DNA then there isn't a crime mentality, we are going to have to start having start sampling criminals. But to sample DNA for minor violations, or when someone isn't even charged with a crime, is a little to much for me to accept. Lets hope these bills fail.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Customer Service at Magic Toyota

This was sent from a cranky reader. I can back up the statements about how crappy the service department is at Magic Toyota. I’ve had my truck serviced there when it was under warranty. It consistently took them days longer than they said it would… Yes days. And in on instance they didn’t even bother putting in two of the bolts on my skids plates. Instead choosing lay one plate on top of the other.

This is a case of the best and worst customer service all by the same company. I recently bought a car from Magic Toyota in Edmond's. My sales man is a gentleman named Sammy. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking.

I bought this car January 24th and Sammy wanted me to leave it with the service department for a good detailing and changing the seats to leather vs. the fabric it had. I went back on the 28th and the car was still not ready. I had already turned in my rental and was counting on my new car to be done. Sammy was very nice and promised it would be ready by the end of the week. "The service department was having some issues" he said. According to some friends who use this service department this is a normal occurrence. I was able to borrow my sisters car but told him I need my car by the beginning of the follow week.

Tuesday Feb. 3rd I get a call from Frank one of the managers to come in that night. He did not say your car is ready, just come in. I have my sister drop me off so no matter what I have to have my car or I can’t leave. I am met at the door by Frank and Sammy. The truth comes out that my radio, heater and lights are not working on my new 2008 highlander. What's the problem I ask. The service department is working on it Frank say's. That does not give me much confidence considering what i have heard about them. The fact that they have had it a week and it was all working when I test drove it and bought it also makes me wonder what happened. "I have to have my car" so either give me a rental or a loaner.

This is the customer service i was talking about. Frank and Sammy walk me out to 5 cars they have for me to look at. One of them was even less money and a much better car. I drove it loved it and walked out the door with it within a matter of an hour and half. Sharon and her finance department already had paperwork for each car ready to go. I have no idea what happened to my original car but Sammy, Frank and Sharon went above and beyond to help me out. Needless to say I told them I very much appreciated all there work but will not be bring the car back for any service work. Thanks again to the group at Magic Toyota and to the service department you are all a bunch of looser's .