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My Washington Representatives pt.1

About a week and a half ago, I posted on the governors desire to eliminate the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board. At the same time I e-mailed my state representatives Marko Liias, Mary Helen Robert, and Paul Shin.

Two of the three took the time to have an assistant or admin send out a response. And the winner is - Mary Helen Robert and Marko Liias.

When these three are up for re-election I know who is getting my vote and who isn't. Even a generic noncommittal response is better than no response at all.

Mary Helen Roberts sent the below e-mail. and Marko Liias actually had an assistant ask for my phone number so that he could call me. I haven't received the call yet, but will post about it when I do.

Dear (insert real name here)

Thank you for your email.

Based on the correspondence I'm receiving, the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board has had a positive impact on many people. Any board or commission that protects the health or safety of Washingtonians will probably not be cut.

This session, legislators are faced with the difficult task of slashing many important programs and this is why all state boards are under review. We are taking a close look at what each board or commission does and the costs related to its work. It is helpful that the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board receives support from riders through their endorsement fees that goes towards funding this board. Ultimately, some boards will be eliminated altogether and some will be reduced in size in order to achieve savings. You've presented some good arguments why this board should be kept.

I will do my best at prioritizing cuts based on importance and the will of my constituents. I appreciate that you've taken the time to contact me and let me know how you feel.


Mary Helen Roberts

21st District Representative