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My Washington Representatives pt.2

I've recently posted a few times on the possible elimination of the Motorcycle Safety and Advisory Board, with Chris Gregiore's latest budget. Monday I posted that Mary Helen Roberts sent an e-mail and how I appreciated that she took the time to respond, or have someone respond on her behalf.

Yesterday, Marko Liias decided to be a one-upper and call me back. I don't think he appriciated my blog posting. I know it's against the purpose of this blog, but I'm going to say something nice. Besides the fact that he took the time to call, he seemed to pay attention to what I had to say on the subject. He also made some good points against my argument for saving the board. First he pointed out that even though the board in question is volunteers, there is a cost involved to taxpayers. These boards have to meet and the government usually flips the bill for travel expenses, and other possible costs. He also pointed out that if the board is eliminated, it is possible that the information provided by, and benefit of, the board could be obtained through other means.

In regards to the motorcycle safety program itself, I pointed out the many of the benefits of that program, and I got the impression that he agreed. He also mentioned that he would look into the bills themselves that I mentioned.

He didn't flat out say, yes I'm going to support, or vote against, the elimination of the board or safety program, but I did get the impression that he was willing to take feedback before making his decision. Overall, I found it to be a good conversation. Usually when I rant and rave on a subject, the only people who listen are friends. It's nice to know that occasionally the political issues I rant about, do get picked up by the people involved.