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The Muppets Respond to Fox

A while back Eric Bolling of Fox Pseudo-News complained that the liberal Muppets were brainwashing the youth with their anti-oil communist propaganda. Well, at least the Muppets get the opportunity to respond.

Backroom Abortions on the Rise

To all you conservative nutcases you feel you should be allowed to tell a woman what to do with her body, and that abortions should be illegal.

Here is report about a new study that shows unsafe abortions are on the rise. Because the thing you don't seem to understand with your religious nonsense is banning abortions isn't going to go away. It's only going to make women go to backroom doctors. Which I'm sure you wouldn't mind as it's okay to kill anyone as long as it's not an unborn child. But the backroom abortions also kill the child.

Read about the study here...

Obama Grows A Pair

Holy crap, it took him almost his whole first term, but President Obama has finally gown some balls. He ahs done two good things that involve standing up to big oil and coming out against Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House and the Protect IP Act (PIPA).
The Obama administration rejected the Keystone oil sands pipeline that would have been an environmental disaster and only resulted in making large oil companies more money.

And the SOPA and PIPA bills would have make it easier for record or other entertainment industries to shut down websites or blogs, like this one, if they disagreed with the contact that was being posted.

Good job Obama, nice that you finally started to remember who voted for you in the first place.

Paul Shin And Same Sex Marriage

In Washington State there is an attempt to legalize gay marriage via the legislature. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not gay, but I do support equal rights for all regardless if the debate is over race, gender, or sexual preference.

I've also posted in the past on my opinion of my state district 21 representative Paul Shin. Supposedly he is a Democrat, although I find that hard to believe based on the environmental damage he causes through all the pointless mailers he sends out. Whenever he is up for re-election I attempt to persuade voters to vote for his opponent, whoever that opponent might be.

According to The Stranger the legislature has 23 yes votes, 20 no votes, and 6 undecided or unknown. One of the unknown is my representative Paul Shin. I use the term representative loosely, as I've generally found him lacking in his representation of my political beliefs.

I've already e-mailed him urging him to vote in favor of gay marriage as I believe everyone sho…

Romney Pay 15% in Taxes… The Poor Guy

I can see why all the republicans and tea-baggers don't want to increase taxes on the rich. After all it must be tough for people like Mitt Romney to pay a big old whopping 15% taxes while the rest of us pay up to 30%.

According to the republican mantra by reducing taxes on the rich it flows downhill to the rest of us. And when it comes to Mitt Romney flowing things downhill, it usually means outsourcing jobs overseas. And as anyone who has been on unemployment knows, you don't pay a lot in taxes out of your unemployment check.

Read more about Romney's taxes here…

Mitt Gets a Shine

Proving how he is just like one of us, Mitt Romney gets his shoes shined on the tarmac before boarding his jet. I can totally relate, because when I fly on my private jet, I like to have my overpriced leather shoes shined by some dude as well.

Unlike the rest of you, who are waiting in line to get a full body scan so you can cram yourself into seats next to screaming babies and rude airline employees.


When Mitt Came to Town


A Country Without the EPA

With the budget debates, many Republican congressman have attempted to strip the EPA of it's funding, while others have tried to get rid of the EPA all together.

Note: For the anti-EPA Republicans. The EPA was actually signed into law by a Republican president.

According to an article in the New York Times, 100 freelance photographers roamed the country in 1972 with a goal of "documenting 'the environmental happenings and non-happenings' of the decade."

So for the anti-environment people out there, here is some photographic evidence of why we still need the EPA and what would happen without government regulation of industry.

To view some more of these DOCUMERICA photos visit flickr

Santorum is #2 in GOP Race

In remarkable news of the GOP race to be president, Rick Santorum is now taking his turn in the spotlight. I've personally stayed out of the debate because republican politicians spend to much time catering to extreme right-wing nuts. But now that Santorum has a worked his way to the top 3, we have the potential for all the rest of the states to nominate him in the primaries as well.

Which we should do!

Thanks to equal rights activist Dan Savage, santorum is now a word to describe "The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex" and how awesome would it be to have the by-product of anal sex running as the Republican nominee for president.



I wonder if the NRA loving gun nuts ever wonder why some people view them negatively? Could it have something to do with pictures like this?

Rainier ranger killer...