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A Rough Year for Celebrity Death

I've heard this joke going around about all the celebrity deaths we had this year that they were being smart and getting out before Trump took office. I know probably not a good joke, but hey I didn't come up with it. The year has been a rough one for some great entertainers however.
Personally I've never been a huge Prince fan but I can recognize his talent as a musician. For me the big one was David Bowie. I've always been a fan of his and found enjoyment in almost everything he has done, from music to acting to even his person style and character. Alan Rickman who played one of the best villains in Die Hard. Leonard Cohen who lived an amazing life that many of us could only dream. And of course Gene Wilder who's performances were like watching a dream. Of course we had many more than the ones listed here along with  writers, athletes, and more. The end of the year is only a few days away and we are still losing them with  Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Rey…

Nifty List of Business to Avoid for Trump

If you haven't heard about it people are putting together lists of business that work with Donald Trump. If you are me and not a fan, here is the list to help you avoid doing business with them.
the list also has alternative “Trump-free” places to shop

My Nifty New Dell and The Blue Screen of Death

I was in the market for a new desktop computer, yes I know that people don't buy desktops anymore, and was looking at just building my own. I use it for work so didn't need a laptop and wanted something powerful without spending a bunch of money. After doing some research and finding all the parts I decided instead to just buy a Dell XPS 8910.  For the price it was about the same as the one I was going to build without the hassle of me having to order all the parts and build it.
The computer arrived two days ago, I set it up, started using it and then this….

And this….

After some forums and driver updates and other troubleshooting I get the same errors plus a new one that I haven't taken a picture of yet.

Best of all a friend came over last night to work on a project, he pulled out his nifty new MacBook which was working perfectly. He was very happy with his purchase over mind.
Thanks Dell and Microsoft! Now comes the pleasure of contacting customer support. Something …

Republicans Finally Offended by Trump?!?!

This week in the crazy train news of Donald Trump it came out that Cinnamon Hitler said a series of negative hostile things about women in an interview such as "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." What amazes me about this is that now some Republicans are not supporting him anymore! seriously, the things that we have on record of him saying so far were fine for John McCain and Paul Ryan such as him referring to a model contestant as a pig and making up a story about her staring in a porn. The list goes on, "It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees." to a contestant on his show. "I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her." The list goes on. But now, after all the negative things he has said about women and in general, now they decide not to support him. WTF is wrong with the Republican party?

Read the full transcript of what he said here... 

The Great Trump Win

Yes that's right I would love to see Donald Trump win the election. Why you might be wondering? Look at Britain with the EU exit. There were three kinds of voters. Some of the ones who wanted it to happen are now second guessing it as it might have been a bad idea. The second group that voted for it but didn't think it would actually pass. They are the ones who wanted to send a message and  realized after the vote that it was a very bad idea to send that message. Then the third group, the ones that didn't vote. They are now realizing that they should have.  Now we have a new term in the UK called Regrexit. The reality of what they have done is setting in and the negative consequences just like what will happen in the US when we see Trump win. The EPA will be rolled back and more situations like what happen in Flint Michigan will happen. The rich will get more tax breaks that will have to be picked up by the rest of us. The supreme court will get a crazy right wing judge tha…

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When anyone takes a drink When someone swears When anyone insults Dee such as telling her she's ugly or untalentedWhenever we see the waitress When Dennis has sex with someone When cricket shows up When Frank brandishes a gun When Dee's back brace is referenced When sniffing glue is mentioned When Mac demonstrates one of his karate movies When someone says, "Hayo" When someone points out that someone else is being racist

Drumpf U - The Making Of the Commercial


How Europecar Ireland Cheats Tourists out of Money

I often rent a car with my US credit card which covers me for auto insurance. This is the main reason I do that versus paying in euros locally. On my recent visit to Europecar at the Dublin city center location the agent told me that I need to have a letter from the bank proving my insurance coverage.  I responded the way I always do when rental companies ask this, that it is covered by my credit card company. This is very common for card companies to do in the US. It is one of the perks they offer to get people using the cards for rentals. This time however the agent working at the counter didn't accept that as an answer. He told me that when I received the confirmation from the booking it said that I need to bring it. It didn't say anything about insurance proof as you can see by the screenshot here. 

He also said it was in the terms and conditions. If you are interested in searching through the T&Cs here is the link I could…

Top Gear Drinking Game/The Grand Tour

This is for the old Top Gear or new Grand Tour for the three hosts of those shows.

Whenever anyone calls James "Captain Slow" Whenever Jeremy is referred to as old Whenever Richard is called "Hamster" Whenever someone mentions the Bugatti Veyron When the Stig crosses the finish line on any drive When ones of the guys hits another's car When Jeremy says "power" When anyone says "cock" When Jeremy places a car picture on the cool wall higher than Richard can reach When Jeremy ends the show with "and on that bombshell"

Bad Snohomish PUD Customer Service Experience

If you've read this blog much you will know one of the reasons I have it is the curse of bad customer service. And before you say, "Maybe it's me." it's not. I always start off nice and friendly.
For example I recently decided to sell my house that I have been renting out the past couple of years. So last month, I moved the renters out, cleaned the place up, and put it on the market. I figured it would be a good idea to have electricity in the place while waiting for the sale to go through.
So I called Snohomish PUD in Washington State to setup the service for a month. When speaking to the agent I asked if I could have the bill sent to an international address which I gave her. She put me on hold and came back saying that wasn't possible. Fine I thought, I really only wanted the service for a month. She gave me the account number so I figured I could just look it up online and pay it that way. During our conversation she looked up the account I had with th…

Drinking Games Disclaimer

I've posted a few drinking games on here so I want to make a disclaimer for them...

 These games are intended for entertainment purposes only and recommended for non-alcoholic drinks. If you choose to drink alcohol please do so responsibility as the creator of these games will have no liability in your poor decision making.

Bill O’Reilly The Wife Abuser

Ha! That is karma for you. The latest news in right-wing hypocrisy is that loud mouth family values jackass Bill O’Reilly has been deemed unfit to care for his kids after assaulting his wife. 
Look, I can accept that people sometimes argue and get worked up but when a child says about her father that he"was choking her mom or had his hands around her neck and dragged her down some stairs." that's a little to far. Especially from someone who is a supposed spokesperson for family values. Or is this was conservatives mean when they say "Take America Back" that they want to take it back to the days when men can abuse their wives without consequences.

you can read the story here...

KKK For Trump

After the Nevada caucus all over the web we are seeing images of KKK supporters holding signs in favor of Donald Trump . This should be no surprise to anyone as he is clearly raciest with many of his statements. But doesn't that also make him anti-American?  Since he is so anti-immigration, in a country full of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. 

Californication Drinking Game

• Whenever someone takes a drink
• Whenever we see a girls boobs
• Whenever we see Hanks butt
• Whenever one of Hanks books is shown
• Whenever Charlie and Hank makes a reference to having sex with one another
• Whenever Karen rolls her eyes at Hank
• Whenever Marcy says "Daddy"
• Every time Hank says, "motherfucker"

Trump: Don't Give Him His Coat. It's Ten Below

Trump: Don't Give Him His Coat. It's Ten Below
Trump: "Don't Give Him His Coat. It's Ten Below"
Posted by The Young Turks on Wednesday, January 13, 2016