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My Nifty New Dell and The Blue Screen of Death

I was in the market for a new desktop computer, yes I know that people don't buy desktops anymore, and was looking at just building my own. I use it for work so didn't need a laptop and wanted something powerful without spending a bunch of money. After doing some research and finding all the parts, I decided instead to buy a Dell XPS 8910.  For the price, it was about the same as the one I was going to build without the hassle of me having to order all the parts and build it.

The computer arrived two days ago, I set it up, started using it and then this….


And this….


After some forums and driver updates and other troubleshooting, I get the same errors plus a new one that I haven't taken a picture of yet.

Best of all a friend came over last night to work on a project, and he pulled out his nifty new MacBook which was working perfectly. He was pleased with his purchase over mine.

Thanks, Dell! Now comes the pleasure of contacting customer support. Something I doubt I will find pleasurable at all.

Update 12/15 after a week of back and forth troubleshooting I've decided to return the computer and go with a different company. Great work Dell! Asus or HP here I come.