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Today in the News

Something that I find interesting and irritating at the same time is all the hoopla over Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings. I have two main reasons for this opinion. One, we all know that he is going to be confirmed, so hearing his answers to questions by a bunch of politicians is irrelevant. Why not just give him the damn job and move on! This leads me to my second point. Since it’s a no brainier that he will be confirmed and with a war in Iraq, rising medical and energy costs, don’t the politicians we vote into office have better ways of spending their time? Not only do they have better ways of spending time, don’t our news sources have more interesting things to report on? What’s the front of every headline? “Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings” followed up way in the back about real issues that should concern people, like convicted rapist fathers being allowed to see and rape his 13 year old daughter. Personally a little discussion by our politicians on 13 year olds being raped is a little more important to me then a conservative in crowd judge, getting a promotion.