more airline fun

I recently went on a trip to the southeast. The flight back left at 6:00am, meaning I had to get up at 4:00am, add the 2 hour time difference and it was like 2:00am to me. Since it was a direct flight from Atlanta to Seattle, I was thinking I could sleep on the plane. What ended up happening was something different. The pilot felt the need to make an announcement every once in a while. For example, “we are now flying over North Dakota at 4 thousand feet.” Or, “The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign.” You want to know something captain and stewardess…” We don’t freaken care where we are!!!!” All we care about is sleeping until the plane starts to descend. And I know the fasten seat belt is turned on, you know how I know that, because I can hear the bell and see the light flash! So, if for some crazy reason, you might be reading this, shut your damn mouths, and let people sleep on the plan, we don’t care what state we are currently over, and care even less about the damn altitude!!!!