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Cranky for a Reason

For anyone who has ever wondered why I am so cranky, let me tell you about my day today. Keep in mind, my day today isn’t so far off from a typical day. This morning l leave my house 30 minutes early because traffic yesterday was so bad it took me an hour and half to get to work. Today, 30 minutes earlier then usual, I hop on the highway to find, there was an accident just beyond the entrance ramp. Unfortunately, this is not obvious before I get on the highway or else I could have taken another route. After making it through the entrance ramp, I continue on to work, but by this time it’s late enough to where the rest of the way the traffic sucks as well, once again it took me an hour and half to get to work.
At work, 11:30 I decide to take a lunch, go to the cafeteria to find out there was a fire or something, a bunch of firemen are around, the cafeteria is closed till the firemen say it’s ok to re-open. After standing 10 minutes waiting I decided to drive to lunch. I work in a business campus, so it’s either the cafeteria or a drive to town for food. It also means loosing my parking spot in a very full parking lot.
I get onto the highway going to the nearest town, referred to as RTC. But guess what? Yep another accident, again I find out about till after getting on the highway. A drive that normally takes 5 minutes took over 30. And of course the exit I want is closed due to the accident and I have to take the following one, along with everyone else. Approximately 45 minutes later I make it to a Quiznos for food. I get my food to find out the lid on my cup was broken, spilling my soda all over the table I was at and a little on me. One and a half hours later (seems to be the magic number) I make it back to my desk after searching for parking.

I can’t wait till my drive home.