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Latest Terrorist Activity and Results

Every news source and most people I know are talking about the latest terrorist attempt. Approximately 20 terrorist attempted to blow up some planes out of the U.K. bound for the U.S. the result of course being increased security and more of a pain in the ass when flying. Now they are talking about banning personal devices. Explosives can be hidden in devices, liquids

Is banning personal electronic devices, liquids, or whatever really going to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a plane? Probably not, because when it comes down to it, they will learn what they can get on a plain and will adapt. What’s next, an anal exam for each passenger as we board?

How did they catch this latest group? It wasn’t due to luggage inspections nor was it due to any actual airport security measure. It was due to police and intelligence agencies doing their jobs and catching the criminals ahead of time. This terrorist organization won and they didn’t kill a single person. Why? Because they have increased our paranoia, made us afraid to fly, and for those of us who do fly, they have made it even more of an unpleasant experience then it already is.