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Political debates in the U.S. these days.

I was reading an article in the Seattle P.I. today about how Maria Cantwell only agreed to two debates with her republican rival Mike McGavick. “Cantwell snubs McGavick on debates
My first issue with the article is it’s more of a commentary, Joel Connelly’s opinions as compared to a neutral news reporting article. Which would have been fine if had actually housed the article in the commentary section instead of local political news. This isn’t a huge gripe as I don’t expect neutral reporting in the news. We are people and our opinion comes out in just about everything we do, even though we might be attempting to be natural. What I am inclined to be surprised about, is it was an unfriendly article on Maria Cantwell a democrat. The P.I. is generally known for leaning more towards the liberal side of the spectrum.

My second issue is the subject of the article. It’s an article about him wanting to do more and her wanting less. I believe I read a similar article every election. The incumbent doesn’t want to debate and the challenger does. When it comes down to it, who really cares about political debates? My guess, there probably isn’t a single person reading the article who hasn’t already decided who they are voting for. So what’s the point of watching some debate where a couple of politicians read from their pre-packaged responses to the issues? We already know what they are going to say to just about every single pre-approved question that comes up. If they want to actually change people’s minds, how about opening up the questions to real audience members with real questions, and even better, they can actually provide an honest answer to the questions.


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