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10 Things that Make Me Go Cranky at Christmas Time

things that make me cranky at christmas
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Every year we have this holiday called Christmas. And, every year I have to suffer through it. Why do I suffer you might ask? This is why:

  1. Christmas Music! – Everywhere you go from Thanksgiving to Christmas, they are playing it, and it’s all the same songs over and over again. Or, to be more accurate from Halloween to Christmas as it seems to be getting played earlier each year.
  2. A person who you weren’t planning on buying a present buys you one, so you end up obligated to buy them one in return.
  3. People who are too lazy to write Christmas, so they write x-mas instead.
  4. People of other religions and beliefs, who protest things like trees in school and other Christmas items. Damn it people, get a fucking life and stop wasting everyone’s time!!!
  5. Going to the store/mall - There is never any parking, it’s always packed, people are rude, and they are usually out of whatever I want.
  6. How just about every musician has to come out with a Christmas song or album, which usually consists of crappy remakes.
  7. Presents – the gifts most people get are lame-ass crappy items that if I really wanted, I would have already bought for myself. Now I have more junk for the garage, closet, or attack.
  8. Adam Sandler’s Honica song - I liked it the first million times but come on, isn’t it getting a little old to hear it every freaken year!
  9. Seattle retards that can’t drive in the snow, or for that matter any retard who can’t drive in the snow. Sorry, retard isn't PC anymore. So, Seattle idiot drivers who can't drive in the snow.
  10. People who don’t like the term “Merry Christmas” because it’s offensive.