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My Visit to Albertsons

Last night I went to the grocery store. The particular Albertsons near my house is kind of getto to start off with, and a place I pretty much prefer not to go to. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve been shopping and one of this things I have to do. So I park and grab a shopping cart, of course the cart has a messed up wheel but I use it anyway. Throughout the rest of my shopping experience it pulls to the right. My first stop is the produce section to get a few items including an onion. Guess what? They are out of onions, and my shopping has only just begun. I am able to find the majority of the rest of the items I need, while navigating around quite a few other people in the store.

At the check out stands, the lines are down the isles they are so busy. I normally use the self check but had a pretty big cart of items, so I got in line for one of the checkers. About the time I make it to being third, the checker swaps with someone else and leaves. The girl who takes over doesn’t know the code to unlock the register so that she can start checking. She has to try calling the first girl, who must be out having a cigarette or taking a crap because she doesn’t come back, until after many calls and lots of waiting. The lady eventually comes back and shows the new girl how to log into the register. I’m using the word new, as it’s obvious this second girl is new at checking.

She rings up the first person, then goes to ring the second people. This group is a Mexican mom and her daughter. The mom can’t speak English and the approximately ten year old daughter has to translate. The daughter tells the checker their phone number (Albertsons requires those stupid ass shopping cards) which doesn’t come up. Rather then hassle with it, the checker just gets another card and uses it. The checker is very flustered throughout this process. The Mexican family then hands the checker either a gift card or WIC card. The checker takes a few minutes how to figure out to ring this as well. Then the final total comes about $11.00. The Mexican lady hands the checker a $100.00 bill. The checker then starts trying to total and cash it out. Basically, she can’t figure out to ring up $100.00 cash. She yells over to the checker in front of her, “How do I ring in $100.00 cash?” He responds with “1 0 0 0 0 cash.” She presses some buttons but still can’t get it, so she asks the checker behind her. That checker responds with the same answer, “1 0 0 0 0 cash.”

On a side note here, I actually used to be a checker for Albertson, trust me it’s not hard. She should have the total amount showing, she types in the number one, then the number zero four times, then hits the cash button. It’s not rocket science. But also having been a checker, I remember being very flustered at times when starting out as well.

Anyway, back to the story. She eventually figures it out and the till opens, of course she barely has enough money to change out the $100.00 bill, but she manages to do it and that lady leaves. Now it’s finally my turn. You can also note here, that just about everyone in line behind me has moved to other registers, I was more or less stuck at this point, since I had already placed my items on the rotating counter. She start ringing me up and after talking to me about my frozen items, and feeling the need to dig through my pile and ring those first, then incorrectly charging me on some of my produce items, she finally finishes. I’m in no mood to correct her so I pay and leave.

By the time I left, I had probably been in that store for nearly an hour. And half that time was spent in the checkout line.

It’s shit like this that makes me so fucking cranky!!!!