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Police Academy Dropouts #9

Here is a little story I’ve been meaning to tell for a while now, but it’s long and I’ve needed to work up the motivation to type it out. Plus it’s still ongoing.

I know a girl who lives in a nice house in Bothell. About two months ago, one night when she wasn’t home her house was broken into. The people or person, stole a few things, vandalized the place, and masturbated on her bed. She of course called the cops and for some odd reason they actually took finger prints and semen samples. Apparently the thief didn’t have prints on record. So they couldn’t find the person. The next night she was worried, so I took my dog and stayed over. That next morning, there was spray paint all over the back window, “Bitch”. In my defense, the room I slept in had a loud electric fan heater, and her dog barks at the wind. This in turn, caused my dog to bark, making it totally pointless to have the dogs.

The next weekend she went out of town taking her dog with. I decided to spend the night again, this time more prepared. I had a police club, just my dog (actually barks at the right time), and slept with the heater off and shoes on. I parked my car in her garage and turned out the lights, making it look like no one was home. Unfortunately nothing happened that night.

A few weeks after that, someone left something on the porch. After that, more paint in the backyard and tree vandalizing. Last weekend, she wasn’t home and the person left a note on the front door, “sorry I missed you”.

Each time she has gone back to the Bothell police, who take the information, fill out a report and do nothing beyond that. The girl has installed an alarm system, is installing flood lights, and even wants to get a gun. All because the police won’t do their jobs.

Obviously it’s someone in the area; this person knows when she is home or not and the layout of the neighborhood. They have no problem getting into the backyard undetected. She even has an idea which neighbor it might be. She’s told this to the police, they have the persons prints, so how hard would it be to do a quick comparison? One, we don’t want to impair anyone’s civil liberties. And two, the cops would actually have do something. A neighbor has even seen someone out video taping the place, but the cops haven’t bothered to get a description.

“Come on, the police department can’t be that worthless”. You might be thinking. “They must have done something.” No, they haven’t. They’ve taken the reports. When she mentioned the potential neighbor kid, they told her to go talk to his parents. When she mentioned the nosy neighbor, they told her to go have the lady get a description. When she asked then, “what are they going to do about this?” They said, “Don’t worry this person will eventually do something to get caught.”

Here’s my question to the Bothell police department. When will that be? After this person has escalated the situation, broken into her house raped and killed her? With the current state of our police force, my bet is even then, the cops won’t catch the person. They’ll take the report then head back to Starbucks to finish their coffee. Stop by the Canyon Park Starbucks sometime. I’m sure you will see them.

My only hope, is if she does get a gun, that she learns how to use it, and shoots the fuck through the heart. Unfortunately, that also means our wonderful police force will probably prosecute her for actually protecting herself.

Remember, whenever it’s up for a vote and they want more money… Vote NO!


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