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Walk the Talk

Last week I wrote “Nothing says I love the environment like a concert”, on Microsoft partnering with Al Gore and team on the Live Earth Concert. MSN will be streaming the concert via the video.msn site.

Microsoft has no problem attaching their name to this project, and totally eating up any positive press on the big issue of our era. Yet based on my experience working for the company, they don’t actually follow along with any of it. For example, the job I do, there is absolutely no need for me to come into the office everyday. I deal with Power Points, Excell sheets, e-mail, and conference calls. Most of which could be done from home. Saving the environment when it comes to the hour each way I spend in traffic. The parking lot is so full of cars, that people have to park illegally, and the offices are so full they turned the break rooms into work areas. I can only imagine what the utility bills are on these buildings. They do some recycling; we have paper of course, cans, and even Styrofoam. We also have little half pint milk cartons all over the break room that could be thrown into a cardboard bin, but go in the trash instead.

In comparisons; I recently read an article about how Google is in the process of adding solar cells to their campus. Obviously, in the Pacific Northwest that’s not a viable option for Microsoft, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Google has quite a few other pro-environment initiatives.


Rooster said…
Come on, Microsoft could put up solar cells. Of course they'd be in use for a max of 3 months out of the year, but but as global warming takes over, that will increase.