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Jesus Mows My Lawn

As I was standing outside my office this morning, I observed 5 Spanish speaking men walk past, discussing today’s duties for lawn maintenance. This got me thinking about how we stereotype people, and how accurate many of those stereo types are. Before you start spouting off with, “I can’t believe he said that,” and “what a racist” about my statement. Let’s look at the facts. Yes – not all Microsoft Employees are self centered pricks, but most are. And yes – not all Mexicans work the low end labor jobs, but most of those jobs are filled by Mexicans. Just look who’s doing the construction on that housing development next door. Or look at most of the people in the IT industry from India.

People, just because someone makes a statement about Asian drivers, it does not mean they hate Asians. Personally, I’m totally into Asian ladies. Does that make me a racist? No, it makes me a pervert, two totally different things. And if you have a problem with migrant workers and people cracking jokes about the gardener, then feel free to grow your own fruit and mow your own lawn. Just leave the indignation at home, when the rest of us talk about what a great job Jesus did pruning the bushes.


Anonymous said…
Yes,jesus mows my lawn as well,always has laways will