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Just Quit Your AT&T Job Already

I have this friend who still works for AT&T. He’s been there a while, and almost every time I see him I try to talk him into leaving. He’s a decent manager, relatively smart, and works hard. He’s also probably overworked and underpaid. Most everyone I know who has left the company has ended up with a better job and more pay, at a company that shows appreciation to its employees.

So the other night I was making a pitch to him about going to Microsoft. I’m sure he’d make more, and they treat their employees better. One of his arguments against leaving is, “Microsoft employees work long hours.” I, of course, responded with, “not always” and, “It depends on your department”

It’s hard for me to back that statement up; when I get to work and start reviewing e-mails to find one (from a person in another department) was sent to me at 2:00 am. Yes, two hours after midnight. Another time, February 14th to be exact, I received one that was sent after 10:00 pm. And finally, one of my coworkers spent the majority of her super bowl weekend, completing a project she was working on.

So yes, you might have to work a few more hours, but on the plus side, you won’t have to travel constantly for unnecessary reasons. You would get paid more. You would get access to cups and plastic utensils in the break room along with the free soda and coffee. And most importantly, you would like your job more. 

Another odd point, I along with most contractors I know, are constantly making statements like, “I need more work” and “I have free time, give me something to do.” In my case, it’s usually, “I want more work so I can get some overtime. I maxed out my credit cards buying photography gear, and now I need to pay that shit off before my contract is up” But that’s another story…