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Police Academy Dropouts #16

As we’ve all heard by now, Monday the 16th Cho Seung-Hui, killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. Campus police received the first call at 7:15am. Shortly after 9:00am shooting started at the second location Norris Hall, and police arrived around 9:45 am, not too long before Cho Seung-Hui killed himself. Nearly three hours went by, where the police had plenty of time to react but chose to take their time.

I was listening to Adam Carolla yesterday, and he had a caller who attempted to defend the cops slow reaction. He explained how the police have rules of engagement, where they don’t know how many people are in the building, they need to secure the location, and so forth and so on. Of course, all the time while the police are following the rules, and not charging in to get the guy, people are dying.

Some of you might remember way back in 1991 at Fairchild Air force Base, Dean Mellberg went on a shooting spree killing five people and wounding 23 others before being killed by Andrew Brown. Brown was on bicycle patrol that day. He received notice of the shootings, “raced the three-tenths of a mile to the hospital parking lot, where he found scores of screaming people fleeing the area.” He got off his bike, tracked down the shooter and yelled, "Police; drop your weapon!" before killing Mellberg who continued shooting at people.

Similar situations handled totally different. One was a single brave soldier, putting his life of the line to save the lives of others. The other, multiple police taking their sweet ass time, saving their own lives while kids died.

Once again, a whole lot of not protecting, mixed in with the “protect and serve.”