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Microsoft Mentality

I noticed something recently, Microsoft is starting to rub off on me. It’s not too bad and at least I’m aware of it, but the fact that it’s happening and I’m only a contractor, only increases my motivation not to go full time. And kind of makes me feel ill about myself. I noticed the other day a certain influx in my voice when someone asked me what I did. “Oh, I work for Microsoft.” Two days ago, I saw a guy fall down some stairs next to the cafeteria, and I didn’t jump up to offer assistance. I continued my conversation, just like the two FTE’s who witnessed the incident. And this morning, a guy was carrying something and getting on the elevator, I didn’t hold the door for him. He did make it, but I didn’t offer to hit the floor button either, until he asked me to.

I used to work with this girl at Cingular who came to Microsoft as a full time employee. When I worked with her before I thought she was pretty cool. We’d occasionally chat, joke, and trash talk Cingular together. Since becoming a manager over here, the most we ever say is "hi" when passing in the hall. And she totally radiates the Microsoft, I’m better than you essence. She also happens to manage the most irritating team of Microsoft FTE’s, I have the displeasure of sitting near.


Rooster said…
It's like I mentioned in my blog from yesterday... it's the Microsoft Employee Transmitted Disease, also known as the Omnipotent Stick.

Since you're out of her in, what, 7 days now, hopefully you will have a quick recovery.

I can't believe you of all people got the Omnipotent Stick. Bad monkey!
MGD said…
I know, it’s shameful.