Veep Drinking Game

Who Hired You?

The large cave I currently sit in at Microsoft, has a team of people, who have somehow managed to become the most annoying group of people I’ve ever been around.

On one side, we have dumb blond chick. aka, new hot or not. Some days she's a hottie, the other days, not. She tells everyone in the office about the guys she picks up at the bars. On the other side, we have the irritating brunet, who talks at an increased volume and knows she’s better than everyone because she’s an FTE. She’s also the one who asked us if we could throw our cans in the recycling a little quieter. We have the cute Asian girl, who’s laugh is so annoying the only thing you want to do is shut her up, by sticking a penis in her mouth.

It's not just the girls who are totally irritating. there are guys on the team to. they have one, who sings all the time. he doesn't have a good voice, and he usually only sings the chorus, but he does it ALL the time. And he does it in the way of, look at me, “I’m so cool because I know the words to these songs.” What he really needs is a good punch in the throat. He walked past me this morning and said good morning. I didn’t say anything in response, but I did contemplate how good it would feel to punch him in the throat.


Rooster said…
This post is your one saving grace from me stamping you with "Official Omnipotent Stick Participant".

Good work CM.