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I Hate Paris

Image by by Glenn Francis
No, I’m not talking about the city of Paris. Since I’ve been on vacation, I haven’t been checking the news as often as I normally do. I would have thought this could assist with avoiding some of the celebrity news. So, even though I’m not aware of what’s going on in my own city, I still have managed to stay in touch with what’s going on, in Paris Hilton’s life. Why is this? Because it’s everywhere! Adam Carolla in the morning! The Daily Show! Channels that I surf past on my way to something else! News briefs! People! Magazines! And the list goes on. Damn it, people, Michael Moor was bumped from Larry King in exchange for Paris Hilton. Yes, Michael is irritating, but in a different way, in a way, I can actually stand. At least when he is on a show it is to speak about something that matters. When Paris is on a show, nothing she says has relevance to anything.

What has this woman done? She was born rich, born stupid, stared in a shitty reality show, and an even shittier sex video. Yet for some reason, the public can’t get enough of her. And yes I say “you” the public! I’m not blaming the news or the paparazzi, it’s the people who go out and buy the magazines or watch the shows, boosting their ratings when Paris news is on.

People! The woman is a snatch, we all know it, now get over it and stop encouraging these news sources to talk about it.


Rooster said…
LOL CM, you just got spammed by "rodrigo".

The translation is here:
MGD said…
Hahaha awesome! Nothing better that spamming someone’s blog in a foreign language. I’m sure he’ll get tons of business from my massive readership.