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Just Drown Already

This morning I wake up with a pretty good day planned. I force myself out of bed by 9:00am, go run a few errands, and take care of some business. After that I come home, grab the dog and head to the beach. After a while at the beach letting the dog play in the water, I come home with a plan of spending the rest of the afternoon on this hot day, sitting by the pool. I drop the dog off, grab a towel, a magazine, and a drink. I walk towards the pool of my 40 unit condo complex, and see a bunch of kids in it. It’s still early in the afternoon, so instead I decide to wait. An hour goes by and I go back, there are still kids in the pool. This time I give up. I grab a chair, drop my stuff off, and dive in. The water feels great. I talk to one of the neighbor kids, and then sit down to read. The neighbor kid leaves, and I’m hoping the lady with the other two kids will leave so I can sit in quiet and relax. They don’t leave, and it’s obvious they aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. The mother is so tanned, it looks like she had her skin removed and replaced with leather. Another hour and the woman will look like a giant piece of beef jerky. The two kids playing in the pool argue back and forth about toys. Except for one point when the boy goes to his mom and mentions that his skin is peeling. She doesn’t pull out a bottle of sunscreen for him, she doesn’t tell him to sit in the shade, instead she said, “Oh that’s not good.” Then the kid jumps back in the water. I was at the pool for about a half hour, and I’m pretty red skinned, so you can imagine how this family looked.

I realize as a species we feel the need to procreate and overpopulate the planet, but come on! Your arguing children are interfering with my day of relaxing in the sun, swimming, drinking, and reading. Damn leatherneck bitch!!


Rooster said…
Oh jeez man, qwitcherbitchin! You "forced yourself out of bed at 9 am". I forced myself out of bed at 5 am.

You had to deal with whiny kids at the pool. I had to deal with whiny adults at the office.

You ran some errands. I dealt with an hour long commute each way.

You had to look at some leather faced bitch. I, well, ok you win. I didn't have to do that.
MGD said…
Hey, when you stay up super late because you know you don’t have to work the next day, it can be hard to force yourself out of bed by 9. It’s a rough life.