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Microsoft Bubble

I’ve decided to coin a new term, “Microsoft Bubble”. First I want to clarify what I mean by this, it’s not the bubble in the sense of “housing bubble” or “economic bubble”. The bubble I am referring to is that imaginary bubble we all have around us. The bubble that says this is my space. Most of us can respect the bubble, yet can still see that there is a world outside of the bubble. Microsoft employees on the other hand, have a hard time with the world outside of the bubble. Obviously this doesn’t mean all MS employees; I would say the “Microsoft Bubble” applies to about 80% of the employees.

It’s getting to the end of summer and I’m considering doing another contract at Microsoft, and have been thinking about what a joy it is to work there. How a Microsoft employee can be having a conversation, heating lunch in the break room, standing or walking yet not acknowledge that people are in their vicinity.

One morning I was heading to the elevator. There were four people getting on counting myself. I was the last of the four. Most people, when getting on an elevator, who notice others coming will catch the door, so that last person can make it. This however did not happen that morning, which is why I have a series of posts about riding the elevator. The first two got on, selected their floors and stood. The third person, talked on her cell phone, all three of them looked directly at me as I was walking towards the elevator, yet none of them reached to grab the door as it began to shut or hit the hold button. I of course was close enough to catch it myself but still, since it didn’t involve any of them, they took no action.

There can be two people in the hallway carrying on a conversation. What most of us would do is, stand off to the side so that others can walk past, not MS employees in the bubble. They have expanded their individual bubbles to merge into one and use it to block paths of travel. The rest of us in turn must walk around, usually involving pivoting sideways, or even having to walk through the bubble. Walking through the bubble of course breaks it and you the passer are the one who gets nasty looks.

The “Microsoft Bubble” is that attitude of entitlement that people get when working for this company, which leads them to believe they are above the rest. That they are entitled to do what they want, stand where they want, and totally disregard anyone without that same entitlement bubble.

I can’t wait to go back!


Rooster said…
Your term "Microsoft Bubble" is synonomous with my coined term "Omnipotent Stick", also dedicated to Microsoft employees.
MGD said…
Wow, it really does all revolve around the Microsoft employee.