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Breeders Hate the Environment

In honor of blog action day

Last week the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Al Gore for his work on promoting global warming awareness. Personally, I don’t see how making a documentary and doing a bunch of speeches deserves a peace prize, but hey, it’s better than awarding it to someone for starting a war in the Middle East. But what good is Gore really doing with his global warming awareness campaign?

People are jumping on the hybrid car fad. Reducing the amount of carbon being pumped in the air, doesn’t eliminate it. Plus with the ever growing population, more and more drivers are on the roads. Even if we all drove hybrids would it really make that much of a difference?

Most everyone I know does a decent job of recycling paper, aluminum, and plastics. But we still have plenty of other waste that ends up in the landfills. The trash collector comes every week, as compared to the recycling that comes every other week. Why is this; because we throw away more trash than we recycle. With the average family producing two children, and the old living longer, the amount of trash only increases.

When it comes to food and water, we are already seeing situations of shortages. Yes, not so much in this country as others but it’s still visible. If Florida has a bad year we see a reduction of oranges and increase in price. And with the ever growing population, we are eating more and more, especially here in America where we need to feed our increasingly obese.

Around the country we are witnessing the constant destruction of forests to support the plethora of housing developments for the ever expanding population. Here is Seattle and the surrounding area there is a never ending stream of developments going up. Just about everywhere I look, there are three-thousand square feet homes being built, for these two child families.

Yet throughout all of this, we run around acting and pretending like we are doing something good about the environment when we recycle that plastic water bottle, or inhale the beautiful fumes being released from our French fry oil burning biodiesel Volkswagen.

What it comes down to is, if you really care about the planet, the environment, global warming, etcetera; you would stop having so many children. As we each add our genes to the pool, we are increasing the strain on the planet and continue to slowly move towards exceeding what this planet can support. People! Save the planet and stop breeding! Or if you have to breed, limit it to one child. Unless you are a republican or just plan and simply stupid, in that case, get fixed and do the planet and future civilizations a favor by not procreating at all.