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The God Gene

I’ve never been much of a religious person, primarily due to the fact that people abuse the system, steal money, molest children, and of course use it as an excuse to create wars and kill people. Wars and killing has been a staple of almost all religions since the beginning of time.

We’ve all heard of the Catholic Inquisition during the middle ages, or the Crusades, all sanctioned by the Pope. Prior to that, we had Romans killing Christians and Jews. Here in America we’ve had the KKK using religion as the just cause behind their kind of fanaticism. We’ve had religious sects committing mass suicide via various religions cults. And of course there is the Middle East, where they have almost always had one religion against the other, including the current fanatical Muslims using holy wars as an excuse to attack Americans, and just about everyone else not of their belief. I recently read a book called The God Gene, about research showing we are genetically predisposed to believe in a God. And they do a pretty good job of proving it. One thing the book doesn’t talk about, our predisposition to war with one another in the name of religion. And this is the ultimate proof that there is a God.

Let’s say God is all knowing and all that other stuff we are lead to believe. If that’s the case, God would have realized by endowing us with the desire to procreate, as time went on the population of the planet would increase, straining the natural resources. So, by instilling us with different variations of similar beliefs in an afterlife, and that our religion is the right religion, God gave us a method of population control – Wars, fighting, and killing. Yes, we have disease, famine, all that other stuff but when it comes to total numbers, my money is on the holy war for population control.