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Jog Lady Jog

Here’s one for the stupid bitch file. I usually leave my house for work pretty early in the morning. Early enough to where it’s still dark outside. The route to the highway involves traveling down a road with a decent sized shoulder on each side but no sidewalks, except for the new developments that have installed them along the roadway. I’ve started to notice a woman jogging down the side of the road. Nothing unusual except for the fact that she is jogging with the flow of traffic instead of against it. For those of you who know the law, it’s that you actually have to walk or jog against the flow, so that you can watch for oncoming cars. I know from experience that this kind of sucks when it’s dark because you get lights in the eyes. But the reason for this being a law is, you can see the oncoming cars, and hopefully jump out of the way was some drive-tard comes along talking on their cell phone, doing their makeup, or sleeping, and drives into you. When jogging with the flow, you don’t see this and they end up hitting you from the back. Based on the way people drive on this road, and the high volume of traffic, I am waiting for it to happen to this lady. I’ll be sure to post when it does.