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at&t Wins, Employees Still Loose

I recently posted about how at&t is getting cheaper and many other postings on the way it treats its employees. According to a recent article I found on newsvine, at&t has seen nearly a doubling in revenue since last year. They discuss the Bell south “merger” as a source, and the article also points out the increase in subscriber base due to the super popular iPhone.

What I think is interesting here is; that the company is making record profits now, yet still feels the need to be cheap when it comes to its employees. Employees at that company have some of the worst medical benefits around, they get some of the lowest salaries, and as mentioned in previous postings, they don’t even get cups in the break room.

Previously at&t management uses low revenue as the reason for many of these cuts. I wonder what excuses they are using now to keep being so employee unfriendly.