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Christmas Garbage

This last year has been a big year for the environmentalist. Al Gore won the peace prize, every where you turn there are advertisements for going green, the hybrid engine is what everyone wants, and global warming is one of the big issues facing this planet. Yet, as Christmas is now less then a month away, other priorities take over the need to save the planet. We need to get to the mall and get those gifts bagged and wrapped, we need to hang the lights, and of course strap a tree to the top of that Prius to take home and decorate. Where are the ads letting people know that all those lights use electricity, and that those trees will die and most of the time don't get recycled? Where are the people buying toys not made in China? And how much off all that crap people buy will get recycled? Here is an interesting statistic, we throw out 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to Christmas according to the Stanford recycling center . Where are the environmentalist now? I guess being an environmentalist is something you only have to do 9 months out of the year. Makes me wonder what Gore has planned for the holidays? This year I've decided to take a stand against Christmas and killing the planet. I've decided not to drive 300 miles to visit family and use gas. And I've decided not to visit the department stores from Thanksgiving to Christmas (except for tomorrow because I need to get myself something). I'm not going to decorate my house with gaudy lights, and I'm going to save a tree by not getting one. And if anyone feels the need to get me a present, they will be getting a picture of me in return flipping them the bird, which can be immediately thrown into the recycling bin.


jade98155 said…
So all that was just a big excuse to get out of seeing your family and getting other people presents?

Bah humbug Mr. Scrooge…poor Bella. No reindeer toys to chew on this year…:(
Rooster said…
Being an environmentalist is like being a grade school teacher:

- Nothing but good intentions
- Only works 9 months out of the year
- Have to deal with dirty people all day long
- Won't see the benefit of their blood, sweat, and tears in their lifetime.
- The pay sucks (5 cents a can)
- Protest as much as you want, you'll never get anything close to what you deserve.
Anonymous said…
Dude, I haven't done shizzle for Christmas for a decade and I never thought of all that environmental stuff for an excuse. Thanks! Now I have something to tell my Grandmother.
MGD said…
glad I could help Jamie...